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I heard a very rude phrase the other day, uttered in a very rude manner, against a certain grassroots activist. Grassroots activists are front line fighters without a rear-admiral, but also without a corporate budget to work with. Activism is mostly about awareness raising, passion arousal and action leading, but its oxygen is donations. Anyone describing grassroots fundraising as “asking for money”, a term devoid of respect nor dignity, especially if delivered in a disrespectful and undignified manner, is debasing grassroots activism itself, and, I’m sorry to say, has no dignity of his/her own. Nor would I believe that he/she has devoted a single day of his/her life to a cause higher than criticizing those who have and do. Of course his/she won’t donate a cent.

This said, let me tell you something about an entity that is even more disrespectful and undignified, and that is CHANGE.ORG. Well over 10,000 people have signed the petition, amongst whom hundreds if not thousands have made donations intended for the MARR PLAN Campaign, but has taken every cent by misleading means. To be perfectly clear, the MARR PLAN Campaign has not seen, and will not see, a single cent of your generous donations. is safeguarding the most crucial of its loot – the DONORS’ LIST – a la Fort Knox.

Oh, and I should not miss mentioning that has taken all the emails of the donors as its own property, to which we have no access for thanking the donors, i.e. if we are aware of their existence at all. Based on the MARR PLAN Petition, has built itself a 10,000-address email-list by using the MARR PLAN as bait. A 10,000-address email-list can fetch a fortune on the open market, and it is based on just one petition – ours. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of petitions out there at any given time. is raking in $millions every day, or $billions every year, whichever is greater. And what about all the causes under its all-shading umbrella? Left out in the rain.

The craftiness of borders on the incredible. First of all, it is not a “dot-ORG” – its first big lie – but a “dot-COM” at best; too bad “dot-CON” is not available. The MARR PLAN Petition was launched on the platform on March 7, 2019. On August 31, its interim deadline, it made its interim target of 10,000 signatures with only hours to spare. But it was not until September 4 when we somehow, yet inevitably, stumbled upon what had been doing behind our back since Day 1. Following is a recreation of a conversation between Anthony Marr and MARR PLAN Action Committee’s Fundraising Director Cheryl Turner.

On September 4, Cheryl, on a whim, asked Anthony, “By-the-way, have you thanked my friends for donating to the MARR PLAN Campaign?”
Anthony answered, “Yup, to Kimberley, who donated $100, bless her heart, on the day I received its email notification.”
CT: Just Kimberley? What about the others?
AM: “The others”? What others?
CT: There were quite a few others.
AM: No. All I see is Kimberley’s… Hey, wait. Are you saying that people have been donating to the MARR PLAN Campaign, and I know nothing about it?!
CT: Where did you see Kimberley’s donation?
AM: In my GoFundMe fundraising page ( of course, where else?
CT: What about Change-dot-org?
AM: What about it?
CT: That’s where they donated at.
AM: What?! Change-dot-org?! No way! That’s the petition site, not the fundraiser site.”
CT: “Well, Change-dot-org emailed them directly, behind your back, thanking them for signing the MARR PLAN Petition and supporting the cause, then asked them to make a donation. So they donated.”
AM: Are you fucking kidding me?!
CT: Wish I were. It is beginning to look like Change-dot-org using our campaign as window dressing for a for-profit business of its own.”
AM: Look. The MARR PLAN Petition has zero financial component and no fundraising element. It was purely for the cause, for which people signed. The procedure of creating and launching the petition, in the Change-dot-org site, was linear, step-by-step, from A to Z, and never once was I asked a financially oriented question – no banking data, no credit numbers, no PayPal info, nothing; the Dollar-sign did not raise it head once. At no time did anything indicate that monetary transactions of any kind would be involved. So… hey, how much money are we talking about here?
CT: No idea, but Change-dot-org showed my friends, and me, examples of donations, with real names, including our own – I donated too, by the way, twice. The donations shown are usually in the $25 range. I donated too. $25 was my first donation. My second one went up to $40.
AM: Wow, thank you, Cheryl! But why didn’t you tell me about it? At least about your own donations?
CT: I’ve been a bit puzzled as to why you haven’t shown any sign of acknowledgement about any of it. I was beginning to wonder whether there was a disconnect somewhere. I never thought that Change-dot-org would so blatantly conceal the donations, and the donors, from you. And it is so easy to catch. Of course my friends and I all assumed that the donations would go to the MARR PLAN Campaign, for which we signed the petition in the first place, so we donated as generously as we could. I did. I mean – I did make that assumption.
AM: I’m still trying to digest this. You’re saying that all the donations have gone to Change-dot-org?
CT: Does look like it, Anthony, every cent of it. 
AM: Just how many cents, I  wonder?
CT: Cents? I’d say millions. Let’s do some math. Say, conservatively, one out of every ten signatories donated $10 each, it would amount to $10,000, even then not exactly peanuts. If liberally one out of every two signatories donated $25 each, it would amount to $125,000. The exact amount probably falls between the two. 
AM: I’m gong to consult a lawyer…
We googled “ scam”, and came upon a few websites. Check them out for yourself.
As victims of scams, we are definitely not alone.
We ran this past an attorney friend of Anthony’s. Her replied: Oh, that’s awful! They must have done it to other petitions too! You might be able to file a class action on behalf of everyone who got scammed!”
We would love to! But first, we need the DONATION LIST, which will not release. Our only recourse, therefore, is to BUILD IT OURSELVES, and the only way we can do this is with the help of the DONORS themselves. If you have donated to the MARR PLAN Campaign at, please email Anthony at
Meanwhile, we will be contacting other petition principals towards possible class action.

August 12, 2019

Since the launching of the MARR PLAN on February 14 in, Anthony Marr has missed quite a few golden opportunities to present it to the world, including BLM’s various “public consultation” meetings at diverse points of the nation, and one or two important non-BLM events – due to something as unworthy as financial constraints.

Just two weeks ago, he received an email from a department head of a prominent animal rights organization, which reads in part:

Hi Anthony,

I have just found your website and petition, and hope this is the way to contact you… I was fascinated by your Unprecedented Problem/Unprecedented Solution documents… I wanted to reach out to you to see how we can work together, if you are interested…

FYI, many of us “like-minded” advocates… will be attending the… Conference August 7-9. It would be awesome if you could attend and meet with us to share your ideas.  I think your “Unprecedented Solution” has a lot of merit and would like you to share with the wider community of… advocates who will be there.

Had I been able to afford the $811 plane ticket, and the motel bill (even Motel 6), I would have been there, and that was just last week. A very big missed opportunity, I’d say.

The next BLM public consultation will be on October 31 in Washington DC. At that point the HAR PLAN will be close to being a done deal. Anthony intends to be there for this one, but first, he needs to raise the funds.

As you can see in the previous section, Anthony is widely known in the animal advocacy (AA) movement, and well-regarded in the AA community (except those few who evicted me from their sub-community for being an “exploiter of horses”). The point to be made here is that the wild horse advocacy community is dedicated and fierce, but need a lot of help from the AA community. The problem of the AA community is that it is by and large unaware of and therefore disinterested in wild horse issues. Someone will have to travel through this vast community to first raise it awareness, and then to arouse its passion, and then to organize it into a single voice not to be ignored. But first, he needs to speak to AA groups about the wild horses’s plight, and his “unprecedented solution” the MARR PLAN, across the nation.

It just so happens that Anthony Marr is a seasoned “road warrior”. Between 2003 and 2011, he conducted not one, not two, not three, but seven Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE-tours – CARE-1 through CARE-7), each covering 30-40 states in 4-7 months, which comprise speaking, media and campaigning events. Anthony is a motivational speaker, and better yet, doer, whose words and deeds can raise high passion and serious action.

In 2017, Anthony and his new bride Shannon Wright conducted CARE-8, so, this upcoming MARR PLAN Tour will CARE-9. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we have to raise the funds.

When designing a continental tour, the seasons are important. Most of the CARE-tours were conducted from mid spring to late fall. CARE-9 will be different. The first date to be pinned down is October 31 in DC. So, retrotracing the route beings it back to a Bellingham departure date in early October. We will travel across the northern states before the winter snows fall, stay around the US NE in early November until the nor-easter hits, then drive south to Florida, then back across the continent by the US south fortuitously after the hurricane season has been spent, then the southern wild horse states, then back home, and by then, it should be 2020. Here is a rough route map of CARE-9:

Whether or not CARE-9 can depart on time depends on how much funds have been raised by the end of September, and time is short. If our fundraising target of $5,000 has not been raised by then, the tour will have to be postponed until it has, so, the faster this can be done, the better, for the tour, and for the wild horses.

The MARR PLAN Action Committee is fortunate to have Cheryl Turner as its Fundraising Director. Hopefully, with her experienced direction, the MARR PLAN will have its moment in the sun.


If you prefer, you can donate at,/Freedom-Horse-Campaign

Thank you!