Anthony Marr is a winning activist. In 1999 he was featured as the “Champion of the Bengal Tiger” in the 5-season TV documentary series [Champions of The Wild] aired on Discovery Channel and Animal Planet in 20 countries.

A decade later, during the prestigious [Animal Rights 2010 National Conference] in Washington DC attended by over a thousand activists, he was honored with the [Henry Spira Grassroots Activist Award] for his “outstanding contribution to animal liberation”. Earlier the same year, the AR group Negotiation Is Over (NIO), as reported by the “radical” Animal Liberation Front (ALF), bestowed upon him the title of “Best All-Around Activist”, with the following accolade by NIO founder Camille A. Marino, a courageous and pure-hearted activist who has been severely punished for her “no compromise” approach:

“Whether protecting tiger reserves in India, risking his life in undercover investigations of the illegal trade in endangered species parts; challenging any and all forms of hunting; hosting a radio show; writing visionary books on science, philosophy, and cosmology; embarking on marathon coast-to-coast Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions covering dozens of US states (launching his seventh tour in March 2010), or mobilizing scientific research to awaken the complacent to the imminent dangers of irreversible ecological crisis, Anthony Marr is raising awareness, effectively campaigning, and blazing new trails… For anyone skeptical of what one person can do alone or in strategic alliance with others, or what can be accomplished without the large bankrolls such as what the likes of the HSUS commands (and squanders), look no further. For Marr shows what great things can blossom from intelligence, independence, courage, and unqualified commitment to the rights of nature, free from the predatory violence of Homo sapiens. The story Marr tells, and the outcome for which he fights, is not a zero-sum tragedy that pits one element of nature against another, however, but achieves a harmonization of life forces. ‘If we win,’ Marr says, ‘we will have elevated the quality of Humanity, and brought about a major quantum leap in human social evolution.'”

If you want something looking more like a resume, here is an itemization of some of his campaigns:

Anthony Marr

* has a degree in physics (1970)

* is the author of “OMNI-SCIENCE and the Human Destiny” (2003) and “Homo Sapiens SAVE YOUR EARTH” (2008)

* 1995, cleaned up N. American Chinatowns of endangered species medicines, resulting in the rapid passing of the WAPPRIITA law

* 1996, led “the highest-profile anti-trophy-hunting campaign in Canada” (Globe and Mail), resulting in a three-year Grizzly bear hunting moratorium

* 1997-1999, worked at and around the Bandhavgarh and Kanha tiger reserves of India, and lectured at dozens of urban Indian schools, while co-leading the campaign to oppose Grey whale hunting by the Washington state Makah natives, and the Harp seal hunt by Canadian Newfoundlanders.

* 1999, founded Heal Our Planet Earth (HOPE) and the Global Anti-hunting Coalition (GAHC)

* 2004/2005, conducted covert operations in Shimonoseki and Taiji, Japan, against dolphin slaughter and whaling (being caught means 40 days in a Japanese prison without trial, to begin with).

* 2003-2011, completed 7 Compassion for Animals Road Expeditions (CARE tours, each covering 30-45 states over 4-7 months), and spoke at the National AR Conference every year

*  2012, co-led the anti-shark-finning campaign in the Greater Vancouver Region, rfesulting in the banning of the shark-fin trade in many communities.

Among others.

Anthony Marr’s life and contributions are detailed in his 4th book BEAUTIFUL LIFE published in 2016 at his age of 72, major parts of which being presented in his personal website

“Beautiful Life” is the meaning of his given name, to live up to which he has striven since Day 1 – February 25, 1944 – more or less successfully. Life to him indeed is beautiful, and dangerous. To crown it off, his surname, “Marr”, means “Horse”, based on which alone he sees his current work for the wild horses as being preordained. He vows to wage his MARR PLAN campaign until it is won.